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Dear Partakers of the Divine Nature, We have been home a week and pretty much back to the normal capacity of oomph, energy, vitality and vigor. Not as much as when we were young but as the Lord told Moses “…as your days, so shall your strength be.” So we are enjoying the Lord’s provision of both physical and spiritual strength. . The visit to South Africa was one of the choicest blessings in recent years. Just the opportunity for ministry both public and private was an encouragement to our commitment to serve the Lord wherever He calls. The capacity [...]


By Eli Banta - With permission from Assembly Hub By now all your shopping is probably done and the stockings are hung.  All the presents are nicely wrapped under the tree and the star shines brightly on the highest branch…But did you remember to get something for the most important person this holiday? Our tradition of gift giving comes from many different sources.  When asking young children in North America who brings presents on Christmas many would answer “Santa”.  The myth of Santa is based on a real person, Nicholas, Bishop of Myra.  Nicholas was born to wealthy parents in [...]


Every Sunday @ 9:30 am Open to every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, Baptized, and in close fellowship with other New Testament patterned churches.


Every Sunday @ 11:00 We welcome you to join our Family Bible Hour  for a time of singing & studying from the Scripture. We offer Sunday School classes for kindergarten age children up to age 15 during the family Bible hour from 11 am to 12 pm every Sunday.


Every Tuesday @ 7:30 pm Join us for a time of singing, sharing, prayer, and studying the Bible. We alter the location between Marmora & Linwood Chapel so please call this number for location: 609 408 2807

Pray for John Botu

Our brother John Botu has been suffering from some health issue over the last 1 year. He has not been working for a year now and his good insurance is running out. Please pray that the Lord will open greater doors for a better insurance in the days to come. Pray that the proper diagnosis and proper prognosis will be in the near future.

Paul Michener

Paul Michener is from Ocean City, NJ.  Paul is a caring and nurturing overseer.  He is interested in each of those in fellowship.  He is always busy praying for and encouraging the little flock.

Ruben Ruga

Ruben Ruga is from Dorothy, NJ.  Ruben’s depth of knowledge of the Scripture and gift of teaching is a blessing to our fellowship.   He is also passionate for the lost souls of the world.  He has distribute 10,000’s of gospel tracts in this country and many other countries for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.