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Pre-Tribulation Rapture

There is a great variety of prophetic views among God’s people. There are scholars, past and present who have held and do hold conflicting theologies. There are positions such as Amillennialism (we are now in the millennium), Post-Millennialism (we must see the world evangelized before Christ can return) and Pre-Millennialism (there will be a literal 1000-year reign of Christ on earth). There are those who hold a Preterist view. The word means “past” – a full-Preterist sees all prophecy about the Tribulation and return of Christ fulfilled in 70 A.D. A partial-Preterist sees some fulfillment in 70 A.D. and Revelation [...]

8 Ways to Win the Battle with Prayer

There is no doubt in my mind that believers are fighting a war. Lines have been drawn over traditionally held Judaeo-Christian beliefs. It is easy to forget that our fight isn’t against people who think, believe, practice or look differently than us. Our war is with the unseen-principalities, powers, spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places, the devil. Choosing our weapons It is easy to forget that the weapons and armor required in this battle are not arguments, but are truth and righteousness, the gospel of peace and faith, salvation. The Word of God and prayer. The Word of God, [...]

Nathan & Virginia Grice

Nathan’s Testimony I was raised in a Christian home in Omaha, Nebraska, with six other siblings. At age 10, our family moved to the countryside in Iowa. In the following years, the call and drawing of God became evident in my life and, a few months before my 16th birthday, I was born again. Christ made my heart new and I haven’t been the same since! But God wasn’t done with His work. In 2009 I was in a severe car accident, which resulted in a fractured skull, a speech impediment, a day in the ICU, three weeks in the [...]

5 Resolutions Every Christian Can Make in 2017

At this time of year many people make resolutions to change. People plan to start a new diet, read more books, exercise, visit family more often and a variety of other changes. For believers our lives are a journey as we are being sanctified by the Lord. We must do our part to commit our ways to him and surrender our lives so that he can mold us into his image. Here are 5 resolutions we can all strive for in 2017. 1. I will spend more time with the Lord Life in North America is busy. Distractions invade us [...]

South East Workers & Elders Conference

The 2016 edition of the conference proved to be used by God to deeply impact the attendees. We are prayerfully expecting Him to do even greater work in our lives as we gather in February. Mark the dates on your 2017 calendar and make plans to join us in Augusta. 2017 Conference Details Date: February 23-25, 2017 Subject: Draw Near To God (James 4:8; Psalm 73:28) Location: Believers Gospel Chapel, 3565 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA 30906 Speakers: Nathan Bramsen, Keith Keyser, Jonathan Peck, Scott DeGroff Goal: To encourage  the active seeking of nearness to God as we pray and as we live [...]