The roots of the Linwood Gospel Chapel date back to the turn of the 20th century when a group of Christians from Pittsburgh, PA relocated to Millville, NJ to work in the glass industry. They gathered together in private homes to fellowship, teach, pray, and remember the Lord’s supper, worshipping in a simple manner without any clergy-laity distinction as the Lord had divinely intended, exercising the priesthood of all believers, in the same fashion as the first Christians, using only the Scriptures as their guide.

In 1929 the United States plunged into The Great Depression which crippled the glass industry and left many unemployed. Most of the fellowship relocated to the Atlantic City area in search of a fresh start and an opportunity to earn a living. They continued worshipping together at various locations on Absecon Island until 1940 when they located a meeting place at Troy and Bay Avenues in Ventnor. In 1951 the meeting was moved to a building on Ventnor & Coolidge avenues in Margate.

By the early 1960’s, after much prayer and discussion, it was decided that it was time to build a permanent church home. A suitable location was found on Route 9 in Linwood, NJ and in 1964 construction began. During the planning and construction phase in 1963-1964 the fellowship joined together to worship with the saints at Marmora Gospel Chapel in Marmora, NJ.

In 1965 the doors of the Linwood Gospel Chapel opened for the first time. The new church featured a cozy meeting room with cushioned pews, a kitchen and dining area, a nursery, a lending library, a church office, Sunday School rooms, separate rest room facilities, and several acres of grounds.

During the past 45 years we have welcomed new believers into the fellowship, witnessed the birth of the next generation, and honored those who have left us to go home to be with the Lord. The relationship that was forged with the saints at the Marmora Gospel Chapel in the early 1960’s has remained close and fruitful. Our two assemblies fellowship together weekly for prayer and bible study, and we gather together for picnics and assembly meetings.

Some changes have taken place recently. The original sign on Rt 9 has been replaced with a newly lighted sign. New windows have been installed and all exterior moldings are scheduled to be covered with vinyl. The main meeting room has been equipped with a new sound system and PowerPoint presentation. Re-painting of the entire interior of the chapel is underway and the new landscape design will be completed in 2011.

What has not changed is our is our commitment to remain faithful to the word of God and the order He has established for His church. During the last nearly half century we have resisted all of the new trends, new movements, and so-called “new winds of the Spirit” that have come and gone in Christianity. We continue to meet simply around the Lord Jesus Christ, looking only to His word to guide us. It is our prayer and desire to remain steadfast “till He comes.” (I Cor 11:26)