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God Builds Hopeful Futures in Burundi BY JESSE & JOY JOHNSON In 2006, when we moved to Burundi, the civil war that ravaged Burundi for more than 10 years was winding down. Our local elders were eager to see the country’s education system restored as soon as possible with the Lord’s people leading the way. When the elders learned that Joy was a teacher, they approached us with the idea of reopening the Christian school that had operated on the Emmanuel Church property from 1985 to 1994, when the fighting grew so close it could not stay open. The local [...]


Here we are at the start of another year. How did you do in 2019? Did you see growth in your life? Did your assembly see souls saved and added to the church? As we look into the unknown that 2020 brings here are 5 prayers that have been on my heart for the last several months. These are prayers that each assembly could take before the Lord to see His power work in us for His glory! 1. Teach us to pray This is the prayer that has convicted me the most. Do our prayer meetings reach the level [...]


What is the risk? In general terms, risk is a formula that presents the likelihood and the magnitude or impact of a loss event occurring. Likelihood is a 0-99 percentage. It can’t be exactly 100% because it is then a certainty not a risk.  In the broadest sense, we are given the great commission, the commandment from the Lord to preach the gospel. We can calculate a 100% likelihood – a certainty, that everyone will die. It’s the universal human truth. It’s also a certainty that the God of the universe who is a just judge will rightly judge sin; and [...]


We all have our own way of celebrating Christmas: some enjoy quiet times with family and readings of Luke 2, while others gather to sing carols with church family. But holiday traditions can vary even more around the world, from one country to the next or even city to city. Many of our missionaries celebrate the Lord’s birth in a foreign setting, far from their extended families. To better understand what Christmas looks like in these places, we asked a few workers to tell us about the holiday traditions that are unique to their areas, what seasonal ministries they have [...]


A few days ago my wife and I spent a few hours with a wonderful Christian couple. They were truly an encouragement to us and are an example of a couple whose entire lives are dedicated to the Lord. What is special (to me) is that this couple comes from a side of evangelical Christianity that would be highly frowned upon by many in the assemblies. Yet here they were just shining the light of Christ in their lives. Using words as darts against others There are a number of words that get used regularly that mean different things to [...]

A Multifaceted Ministry

Remembering Christ’s Words, Serving All BY DOROTHY WOODSIDE Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is well known in Zambia, southern Angola, and southwestern Congo for its medical work. I first came to Chitokoloki in 1991 to offer furlough relief to two full-time nurse-missionaries who worked here at that time. Afterward, I felt the Lord was leading me to stay on, so in 1992, I was commended to serve as a full-time missionary, specifically to help with the medical work. Taken from  CMML Missions Magazine


Dear young person, I have a burden for you since you are facing many challenges. The society in the West is becoming more tense and confusing by the day. My heart goes out to those in high school and college who are trying to make a stand for Christ. I believe you will face opposition unlike anything I had to face. Here are some thoughts I want to share with you as I think about your lives. God is not your enemy The world and its system will tell you that God doesn’t want you to enjoy life. That he’s [...]


Sharing Christ’s Love with Indigenous Peoples BY BECKY KEW The Lord sent me to Sandy Bay First Nation about 13 years ago. My heart was burdened for the people with regard to the many suicides that were happening among the youth. Where I serve, the people are primarily Ojibway, and the community has a population of more than 6,000, with the majority of the individuals on welfare assistance. Often misunderstood and overlooked, indigenous peoples are precious to Christ, and He desires that they know His love and salvation. Taken from  CMML Missions Magazine


RIVER MINISTRY IN PERU BY JESSE MATTIX South America’s jungle lands are deep in the middle of the continent and stretch into the neck of Panama. The jungle is almost forgotten, but a careful reading of colonial history and archaeology reveals places where the Inca people took refuge as they retreated from the Spanish on the western side of the continent, later known as Peru. To the Spanish who took the Pacific side, the jungle was a place of abandonment and exile; fear of wild animals and disease kept them at a distance. The Portuguese, who colonized the eastern side [...]


Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!Psalm 133:1 ESV The KJV uses the word “brethren” instead of brothers. And while David was not specifically referring to those of us (tongue in cheek) referred to as “the brethren”, he would certainly apply it to us if he could have seen the future. The unity of the Spirit is an undisputed truth. Unfortunately, it is something Paul had to exhort the Ephesians (and us) to endeavor to keep. Living out the reality of unity in the body of Christ requires hard work. It is crucial to decide what [...]