Our meeting follows the pattern of the New Testament doctrines and practices found in the Acts of the Apostles and expounded by the apostle Paul in his epistles. We recognize no central ecclesiastical authority, no formal creed, no prescribed liturgy, nor any ordained salaried ministry. We are an autonomous locally functioning body of baptized believers, recognizing the final authority of the Bible and led by a plurality of elders. The Bible is used as our final authority, the following doctrines come from there:

  • The verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible (all 66 books, but not the Apocrypha)
  • The Trinity (one God in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
  • The creation of the world and human beings by supernatural acts of God
  • The deity, eternal son-ship, virgin birth and impeccability of Christ
  • The substitutionary death, bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ
  • The ministry of the Holy Spirit in conversion, sanctification and witness
  • The universal condemnation of all humanity as a result of the fall in Eden
  • The need for the new birth for sinners to be made right with God
  • Justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone
  • Baptism by immersion in water after personal salvation
  • Two aspects of “the Church” – firstly the “body of Christ” composed of all believers from Pentecost to the return of Christ, and secondly local assemblies composed of baptized believers who have been received into fellowship.
  • Gifts of the Spirit such as the evangelist and Bible teacher that are ongoing.
  • The premillennial, pretribulational return of Christ
  • Eternal bliss in heaven for the believer, and eternal damnation for the unbeliever
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