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A Short-term Trip to Help and Encourage BY CONRAD & BECKY LECHELT We recently shifted from missions work overseas to joining the MSC Canada WorkerCare team (Missionary Prayer HandbookDay 31). After being on the mission fi eld in Asia, we learned how encouraging it is to have people visit and show interest in our work and lives.We also a national or foreign worker who needs an injection of enthusiastic assistance with a building project.   Taken from CMML Missions Magazine


RELIEF AND GOSPEL WORK IN PILAR, PARAGUAY BY ROSEMARY KONKOL After many years of growth in the Lord and praying about full-time missions work, Dale and I met in 1997 at the Missionary Orientation Program hosted by CMML and MSC. We married and began to pray about where the Lord would have us serve together.   Taken from CMML Missions Magazine


Whether you read research out of the National Institutes of Health[1] or simply observe children at play, you will find evidence that humans are hardwired for hierarchy. Consequently, hierarchy feels “natural.” It seems “good.” And if we’ve learned anything from post-modern culture it’s that “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right!”[2] We even have biblical passages to which we can appeal in support of hierarchy. Leadership norms Yet Jesus had a few things to say about hierarchy that don’t line up with what we often see. He didn’t deny it; He just turned it on its head: You [...]


John’s Testimony I grew up in a family that did not know the Lord but thankfully loved me and gave me wonderful childhood memories. In high school I started to go down the wrong path. My parents divorced at the end of my senior year, and for the next 10 years I lived a life full of crime and drugs.... Jennifer’s Testimony I grew up in a home where my parents loved the Lord with all their hearts and sought to teach us to do the same. From the time I can remember, I knew that I was a sinner [...]


If you were to ask most people in assemblies today whether they thought their church was welcoming to visitors you would probably get a positive answer. The reality is that for many of us it’s very difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of a first-time visitor. We are so used to seeing what we are so used to seeing that we miss the glaring weaknesses and how we are perceived by visitors. In his book, Becoming A Welcoming Church, Thom Rainer shares some very practical and helpful thoughts on how we can be as welcoming as possible to a first-time [...]


Karen’s Testimony My parents accepted Christ as their Savior shortly before I was born, so I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. At the age of four, two life-changing things happened. First, I came to understand and believe in the work of Christ. Rich’s Testimony Only a year after I was born in rural Vermont, my parents came to Christ. Through our nightly devotions together, I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus at age five. My parents had huge hearts for the unreached people groups of this world.   Taken from CMML Missions Magazine


As we read through the New Testament, particularly the Gospels and Acts, we encounter the practice of fasting which is seldom given much attention in the local churches with which I am familiar. There is nothing particularly mysterious about fasting; it is simply abstaining from eating for a specified period of time. In 1 Corinthians, Paul indicates that a married couple may choose to set aside normal sexual activity during a fast, though this is not required. A fast can be absolute (no food or drink whatsoever) or partial. Most fasts, particularly longer ones, allow water or other clear beverages. [...]


When I was a child, my grandma took me to a monthly missionary meeting where we heard reports from missionaries. One of my favorites was Brad Hallock, whose zeal for evangelism and discipleship in Peru (at that time) became my stereotype for modern missions. This was only strengthened by the later reports and similar passion that Micah Tuttle brought back from Peru.[......]   Taken from CMML Missions Magazine


Much of my burden comes from my own assembly and the assemblies of close friends.  I long to see us grow in the Lord and be a shining light in the communities we have been placed into.  That doesn’t come without effort and dedication to the leading of the Spirit. As we look to a new year ahead here are 8 ways I see the assemblies moving forward and making progress.  I pray that these become a vital part of every assembly in 2018. 1. A fresh surrender to the Holy Spirit This is not the first point by accident. [...]


Phil & Trena Gould   Serving in St. Lucia Phil’s Testimony I was privileged to be born to Christian parents who, soon after, were commended to serve the Lord in St. Lucia. Hearing the clear Gospel preached nightly was a way of life, and I don’t remember when I first started to understand my need as a sinner for God’s salvation. Trena’s Testimony  I was raised in a godly home where the Word of God was read and followed. My family attended an evangelical church and placed an emphasis on obedience to God’s Word and ser- vice to the Lord. I remember knowing [...]