Dear Partakers of the Divine Nature, We have been home a week and pretty much back to the normal capacity of oomph, energy, vitality and vigor. Not as much as when we were young but as the Lord told Moses “…as your days, so shall your strength be.” So we are enjoying the Lord’s provision of both physical and spiritual strength. . The visit to South Africa was one of the choicest blessings in recent years. Just the opportunity for ministry both public and private was an encouragement to our commitment to serve the Lord wherever He calls. The capacity [...]


Dear Fellow Celebrants of the Lord’s Goodness, Fifty years ago this month we felt like Jacob when he remembered the initial trek across the land of Canaan to Haran. He reports many years later that he crossed the river with only his walking stick or as he called it his staff and now became two companies. Only a staff for the aid of his dislocated hip helped his pilgrimage. We left Oakland California 50 years ago this month. We look back at a rented truck with all our worldly goods and two and a half priceless possessions. I suppose the [...]