At this time of year many people make resolutions to change. People plan to start a new diet, read more books, exercise, visit family more often and a variety of other changes.

For believers our lives are a journey as we are being sanctified by the Lord. We must do our part to commit our ways to him and surrender our lives so that he can mold us into his image.

Here are 5 resolutions we can all strive for in 2017.

1. I will spend more time with the Lord

Life in North America is busy. Distractions invade us from every direction.  It’s easy to waste time. The Lord longs for a relationship with us. The creator of all things compels us to open the door of our lives and let him come in for fellowship.

Let’s be intentional about sitting at the Lord’s feet. I feel this is the number one need in our lives if we are going to see revival in our homes, assemblies and communities.

2. I will strive for greater unity

Division in the church exists everywhere. Fighting is common. Pride is abundant.  Grace and mercy are often relegated to a lower place.  The Lord exhorts us to make every effort to maintain unity.  Have we been lazy and let unity slip?

As we move into a new year let’s make it a priority to work at unity. It won’t be easy. It will require humility, patience and a whole lot of grace and mercy. But the heart of the Lord is that we dwell together in unity. It matters to the Lord and it should matter to us!

3. I will be an encouragement

It doesn’t take much to see that there are discouraged, broken and hurting people all around us. Many have financial, emotional, physical, mental and marital problems.  To say that life is messy is an understatement.

Yet the Lord has given us the ministry of encouragement. We are told to encourage one another daily.  That means going out of our way to help those in need. Can you encourage others more this year? A hand written card, a warm hug, a text message, an email or a short visit can go a long way to making a difference in someone’s life.

4. I will serve my brothers and sisters

God has placed us in the church for one purpose – to serve others. He has empowered us with a special gift or gifts to be used as part of his master plan. Many times we want others to meet our needs. That’s not the Lord’s way. He wants us to be a servant of goodness to our family in Christ.

How can you serve more in the church this year? What ministry is needing your help that God has equipped you to do?  Don’t put it off any longer. Get involved and be a catalyst for growth within your local church.

5. I will share Christ with others

Being a witness for Christ is not a choice.  We are called to shine the light of the gospel into the darkness of the world.  Your neighbors, coworkers, family members, classmates and the cashier at the grocery store all need to hear the gospel.

Will you have more boldness this year to share a word about the Lord?  How will you be intentional about sharing your faith?  Let’s be bold witnesses for his glory!

Whatever your resolutions are in 2017,  consider making these 5 a part of your list. There is much ground to gain in our assemblies and we must be ready to get in the work of growing healthy assemblies for him!

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Crawford Paul

Crawford is an elder at Thorold South Gospel Chapel in Ontario and has a passion for the assemblies. He and his wife Beth serve in various ways within the assembly to build up and encourage the believers. He also runs a web development and marketing business for Evangelical churches and Christian ministries. Check it out at